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Get ready to revitalize your residential or commercial space with a burst of creativity using our comprehensive Graffiti Wallpaper roundup article. In this article, we bring together an array of unique and eye-catching wallpaper designs, catering to various themes and decor styles. From colorful street art-inspired patterns to sophisticated typography, our roundup showcases the best in graffiti-inspired wallpapers to help you transform your space and make a statement.

The Top 5 Best Graffiti Wallpapers

  1. Removable Graffiti Wall Mural for Modern Bedrooms — Transform your space with IDEA4WALL’s Simple and Mysterious Graffiti Art Removable Self-Adhesive Large Wallpaper, offering an easy and stylish solution at 100 x 144 inches.
  2. Express Love with Stylish Indio Neutral Graffiti Wallpaper — Transform your walls into a vibrant canvas of love with the Ohpopsi Indio Neutral Love Scribble Wallpaper, featuring a graffiti-inspired design and easy-to-maintain non-woven material.
  3. Graffiti Styled Peel and Stick Wallpaper: Abstract Inkblot Onyx Design — Transform your home with NextWall’s Inkblot peel and stick wallpaper, featuring bold graffiti-like strokes on smooth vinyl for a statement look without the hassle of installation.
  4. Unique Dripping Paint Graffiti Removable Wall Mural for a Modern Space — Transform any room into a vibrant, artistic haven with Wall26’s removable Dripping Paint Graffiti Wall mural, perfect for enhancing home décor and creating a stunning focal point.
  5. Monster Graffiti Wall Mural for Your Modern Space — Brewster Graffiti Monster Wall Mural: A vibrant and eye-catching mural, featuring colorful creatures, words, and objects on a light blue background, with easy assembly and sturdy construction for a long-lasting wall decoration.

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Removable Graffiti Wall Mural for Modern Bedrooms

Removable Graffiti Wall Mural for Modern Bedrooms | Image

When I first stumbled upon the Wall26 Wall Mural, I was intrigued by the idea of transforming my living space with a burst of urban vibes. As someone who loved experimenting with home decor, this self-adhesive large wallpaper seemed like an excellent addition to my collection.

The installation process was surprisingly simple, with no need for complex preparations or any extra tools. I just peeled off the protective film, carefully positioned the wallpaper, and smoothly pressed it onto the wall. The Wall26 Wall Mural conformed to the surface with ease, revealing intricate graffiti artwork scattered around.

However, the simplicity of application didn’t necessarily translate to ease of removal or repositioning. Although the manufacturer claimed that the self-adhesive wallpaper could be easily removed, it took some effort, effort, and patience before it finally came off.

Despite the challenge in removing it, the final look of the Wall26 Wall Mural was truly enchanting. The graffiti art inspired by urban scenes blended seamlessly with my living room’s modern decor. This wallpaper added a stunning focal point, making it the centerpiece of any room.

In conclusion, the Wall26 Wall Mural, with its removable self-adhesive feature, is a perfect embellishment for wall art enthusiasts. Despite minor inconveniences during the removal phase, it is worth the trouble for the mesmerizing aesthetic it delivers.

Express Love with Stylish Indio Neutral Graffiti Wallpaper

Express Love with Stylish Indio Neutral Graffiti Wallpaper | Image

If you’re looking for a bold and expressive way to spread some love, the Indio Neutral Love Scribble Wallpaper is the perfect graffiti-inspired design for you. Its captivating array of neutral, yellow, and blue paints is sure to make a statement in any room, featuring the word “love” repeated hundreds of times in a unique scribble style.

Made from high-quality unpasted, non-woven material, this wallpaper is both washable and strippable, making it incredibly easy to maintain. The 31.5-inch repeat and half drop match on this 19.7-inch by 33-foot long roll allows you to cover approximately 54.2 square feet of space, providing ample coverage for any room.

While the Indio Neutral Love Scribble Wallpaper is a great choice for expressing your love, it does come with a slightly higher cost compared to other wallpaper options. However, with its bold design and easy maintenance features, it’s well worth the investment if you’re looking to add a touch of color and love to your walls.

Graffiti Styled Peel and Stick Wallpaper: Abstract Inkblot Onyx Design

Graffiti Styled Peel and Stick Wallpaper: Abstract Inkblot Onyx Design | Image

The Inkblot Abstract wallpaper from NextWall truly stands out in the world of renter-friendly, peel-and-stick designs. This onyx-colored graffiti masterpiece adorns your walls with its energetic swirls and bold lines, breathing life into any space. The printed vinyl material not only feels smooth, but also offers the same durability as permanent wallpaper.

One of the best aspects of this product is its commitment-free installation, perfect for those who appreciate decor without the messy hassle of traditional wallpapers. However, it’s worth remembering that although the peel-and-stick surface is a godsend for renters, it might not be as long-lasting as professional wallpaper.

Despite this, I’ve found this wallpaper to be a striking addition to my living space — its contemporary design and ease of application have undoubtedly elevated the whole look of my home.

Unique Dripping Paint Graffiti Removable Wall Mural for a Modern Space

Unique Dripping Paint Graffiti Removable Wall Mural for a Modern Space | Image

As an avid lover of aesthetics and creativity, I recently discovered the Wall26 — Dripping Paint Graffiti Wall Close — Removable Wall Mural. It brought a breath of fresh air into my humble abode, transforming it from a dull space to a vibrant canvas of color. This large wallpaper, measuring 100 x 144 inches, is not only stunning to look at, but also incredibly easy to apply.

One of the most appealing aspects of this product is its self-adhesive nature, making it a breeze to attach to any surface. The mural, inspired by urban graffiti, adds a touch of edgy sophistication to any room, while its removability ensures it can be easily swapped out for a different design whenever the mood strikes. It’s the perfect gift for friends, family, or even that special someone who appreciates the art of street culture.

However, it’s not without its drawbacks. The size of the mural may be a tad overwhelming for smaller spaces, and some users might find it a bit difficult to place perfectly due to its large dimensions. Nevertheless, these minor issues are easily outweighed by the enchanting impact this Wall26 graffiti wall mural has on any room it graces.

In conclusion, the Wall26 Dripping Paint Graffiti Wall Close — Removable Wall Mural is an excellent choice for those looking to bring a unique and lively touch to their decor. Its ease of application, high-quality design, and versatile nature make it a worthwhile investment for any art enthusiast.

Monster Graffiti Wall Mural for Your Modern Space

Monster Graffiti Wall Mural for Your Modern Space | Image

The Brewster Graffiti Monster Wall Mural is a vibrant and eye-catching addition to any room. As someone who recently used it to spruce up my gaming space, I was impressed with just how easy this mural was to install. The pre-cut panels make it a breeze to apply the adhesive and match the pattern, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.

One of the standout features of this mural is its thickness and sturdiness. The matte finish provides a sophisticated touch, while the bold and bright colors bring life to any space. The monstrous characters and words scattered throughout the design are both playful and artistic, making it an attractive choice for kids’ rooms or game areas.

However, the only potential downside I encountered was the need for pre-gluing before installation. This may seem like an additional step, but the benefits, such as the ease and accuracy of application, far outweigh the minor inconvenience.

All in all, the Brewster Graffiti Monster Wall Mural is a well-crafted and visually appealing choice for anyone looking to transform their space with a splash of color and creativity. It’s a fun and engaging addition that I believe will be cherished for years to come.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our graffiti wallpaper buyer’s guide! This section will provide you with essential information about this unique and vibrant decorative choice for your home or office. By the end of this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision on whether graffiti wallpaper is the right fit for your space.


Types of Graffiti Wallpaper

There are various styles and designs of graffiti wallpaper available in the market, catering to different tastes and preferences. Some popular categories include urban, street art, abstract, and even personalized designs. Consider your personal style and the atmosphere you want to create in your room when selecting the right graffiti wallpaper pattern.

Materials and Durability

Graffiti wallpaper is typically made from vinyl or peel-and-stick materials to ensure easy installation and removal. Some high-quality options may feature more durable and long-lasting materials. Before making a purchase, check the product specifications for information on durability and warranty. Consider the amount of wear and tear your wallpaper may experience and choose a product accordingly.


Installation and Maintenance

Installing graffiti wallpaper can be a relatively easy process, but it may require some preparation and skill. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and assess your own installation abilities. Some wallpapers may require professional installation to ensure a clean and crisp finish. As for maintenance, most graffiti wallpapers are easy to clean with mild detergent and water. However, it’s always a good idea to check the product’s care instructions before proceeding.

Cost and Value

Graffiti wallpaper ranges in price depending on the brand, size, and complexity of the design. While some may be more affordable, others may come at a higher cost. Evaluate your budget and consider the overall value of the product, including durability, ease of installation, and uniqueness of design. Also, think about the long-term benefits and how the wallpaper will enhance your space.



What is graffiti wallpaper?

Graffiti wallpaper is a decorative wall covering that features vibrant and bold designs inspired by street art or urban graffiti. It is made to resemble the graffito art found on city walls, with its intricate patterns, bright colors, and often controversial content. Graffiti wallpaper is a popular choice for homeowners and interior designers looking to inject some personality and creativity into their living spaces.

Additionally, graffiti wallpaper comes in a variety of finishes, including matte, glossy, and even 3D, adding to the overall visual appeal and tactile experience of the product. Some versions may also be removable or repositionable, making them suitable for rental properties or temporary decorative purposes.


What are the benefits of using graffiti wallpaper?

Graffiti wallpaper offers several advantages compared to traditional wallpaper or paint. Firstly, it is a unique and eye-catching way to add character and individuality to any room, making it a perfect statement piece for those who enjoy bold and artistic design styles. Secondly, graffiti wallpaper is relatively easy to apply and remove, depending on the type, ensuring minimal disruption to your home or office.

Another benefit is that, unlike painting, graffiti wallpaper is more resistant to scuffs, marks, and damage caused by frequent use or cleaning. It also provides a more consistent and long-lasting finish than paint, which can be subject to fading, chipping, or peeling over time. Overall, graffiti wallpaper is an elegant, durable, and versatile solution for adding a touch of graffiti flair to your space.

What are some popular design styles for graffiti wallpaper?

Graffiti wallpaper comes in a wide range of styles, each offering its own unique look and feel. Some of the most popular designs include urban or street-style graffiti, classic tags and throw-ups, retro subway art, pop art-inspired graphics, and even abstract patterns and minimalistic designs. Many interior designers and homeowners appreciate the versatility of graffiti wallpaper, as it can be used to create contrasting or cohesive design themes in both modern and traditional spaces.

Other factors, such as color schemes, patterns, and finishes, also play an important role in determining the overall aesthetic and feel of a graffiti wallpaper design. By carefully considering your personal taste, the décor of the room in question, and the mood you wish to create, you can find the ideal graffiti wallpaper that perfectly complements your space and preferences.


Can graffiti wallpaper be customized?

Yes, many graffiti wallpaper manufacturers and sellers offer customization options for their products, allowing you to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece tailored to your specific design needs and preferences. This can include custom designs or patterns, specific color palettes, or even integrating personal photographs or artwork into the overall design. By working with a professional, you can explore the customization possibilities and achieve the perfect graffiti wallpaper for your project.

However, it is essential to note that completely custom designs may involve higher costs and longer manufacturing times. Additionally, customization options may vary depending on the manufacturer, so it is essential to research and select a reputable company that can deliver high-quality, customized products within your desired timeline and budget.

How much does graffiti wallpaper cost?

The cost of graffiti wallpaper can vary widely depending on factors such as the complexity of the design, the type of material, and the size of the wallpaper. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $150 per roll for graffiti wallpaper. However, prices may be higher or lower depending on the specific brand or retailer, as well as your location.

To get a better idea of the cost of your desired graffiti wallpaper, it is recommended that you consult with the manufacturer or seller directly. They can provide you with accurate pricing information, as well as any available promotions or discounts that might help you save on your purchase. Additionally, it is always wise to shop around and compare prices from different sources before making a final decision.

What is the best way to apply and remove graffiti wallpaper?

For optimal results, it is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for applying and removing graffiti wallpaper. Most wallpaper products come with detailed guidelines on how to properly measure, cut, and apply the wallpaper to your walls, ensuring a smooth and professional-looking finish. Furthermore, application tools, such as wallpaper brushes, rollers, and scrapers, may also be recommended to achieve the desired result.

When it comes to removal, graffiti wallpaper that is not specifically advertised as removable or repositionable may require the use of additional tools or techniques, such as moisture or heat, to loosen the adhesive. It is always best to consult with the manufacturer or seek professional assistance if you are unsure about the best approach for removing your graffiti wallpaper. Additionally, remember that removing any wall coverings can be time-consuming and may cause minor damage to the walls, so patience and care are essential when performing this task.

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